I like random things happening at random times in random places.I like watching films, dancing, reading, playing ultimate frisbee and making short films.

Bi sex random chat-40

I think that this would make the new ppl feel more at home and at ease, and keep the chat active for all involved.

I see a great many ppl in the room just watching and not participating unless asked.

^.^ tehe And hopefully down the road maybe add in a bit something more.

Both I and my sweetheart would love to have a third person join us now and then to touch , play with and of course shower them with chocolate chip cookies ^.^ We are not just looking for a threesome, we are looking for something more of a friend with the "possibility" of a "friends with benefits package" We want to be friends and hang out and spend time together also, not just random hookup and that's the end of it.

strange people dont have any conforming plurals other than strangers and that has a totally different meaning lol.

i like people watching n random trivia hoping one day ill jump into cash cab.....exactly looking for just sex i kinda actually wanna like someone, get that happy feeling wen someone texts me or calls....of the greatest feelings ever If the "straight male bi female" thing was a random thing, I probably wouldn't think it strange.

That's very mature And will have fun and will be up to any random random lol... Those responsibilities don't leave much play time so my urges usually have to wait.

So many day dreams unfulfilled, mainly due to lac k of confidence, so I have decided to work on boosting my self-confidence.

Also the level of chat always ends up on the border of cybering and though I like it, I would go to the Cyber Room to do that. strip clubs, adult bookstores, adult theaters( those that are left are mostly gay), massage parlors, even gloryholes.

Thanx for the opportunity to have some input, Jose (Biliteral)Im glad you bruoght that up. All of these places circle around male satisfaction as the end result.

I was thinking that we could have a real, current topic in a random catagory format, that the Moderator would ask each chatter to answer prior to their entering the room.